What is Propa?

September 21, 2022

One of our main objectives is to turn the property industry's complex multi-peer processes into a thing of the past. For us mobile technology is the key to make this happen, that's why we created Propa. Want to find out more about how it all works and what it costs? Well you've come to the right place.

What will this guide cover?

We'll look at how you manage your property, and gain access to our property management service. Then we'll look at the processes involved in a tenancy and what is legally required to be completed. Finally we'll look at Propa's pricing model.

Property Management

Adding your property to Propa is easy (takes around 2 minutes too be exact). Once the property is added it will be stored indefinitely until you delete it. You can update details of the property in Property > Manage > Settings.

Property certificates

Property certification to the correct standards is mandatory within the UK's renting regulations. A property must have a valid EPC, EICR, GSC (GSC only aplicable if the property has gas appliances), as well as working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Additional Clauses and Charges

If a property needs additional clauses, or charges included in the rent, then you can add them in Property > Manage. These clauses will be added to every new tenancy created from the property.

Verification of our Landlords

We ensure our Landlords have the right to rent property to Tenants through a variety of KYC (Know Your Customers) checks. See below for a list of what we will require from you and the checks that will be carried out:

What's required from you:

  • Photo Identification (either a drivers license or a provisional drivers license)
  • Correspondence address

The checks we will carry out on the information you provide:

  • Property ownership through Land Registry
  • If the property is mortgaged - written permission from the mortgagor
  • Rogue Landlord checks through local council portals
  • Correct property licences - Mainly applicable for HMO's

For more information on property management please see our Property Management guide.

Tenancy Management

You're a verified Landlord and ready to go, Congratulations! Using the data from the property you added, creating a tenancy should only take a few minutes. Add your tenants and their contact information as well as confirming the agreed terms of the tenancy, like start date, duration, rent amount and deposit.

The Tenancy Agreement

Legally required

Now with all the information gathered a tenancy agreement can be created in Tenancy > Tasks > Tenancy Agreement. Here you will see the status of the agreement and a demo of what it will look like. When you've had a chance to review it you can send the live agreement out for digital signature. Signatures are collected using the email and mobile number provided when creating the tenancy.

Tenant Linking

At the core of Propa's property philosophy is that all parties in a tenancy are connected and accountable. For this reason we make linking a tenant to a tenancy incredibly simple. Go to Tenancy > Tasks > Tenant Linking to invite the tenants to link. Once linked they will have access to legal property documentation, a place to make payments and a communication channel. They will also receive deposit, rent, and agreement signature email reminders so they are fully aware of their tenancy situation.


Talking of payments, what makes Propa stand out from the crowd? Answer: We use Open Banking to make large bank to bank payments really simple. With deep integrations for Mobile Banking apps, tenants can send large payments of deposit and rent directly to you, immediately and all without a fee. Link your bank account to give your tenants a no-excuses way of paying.

Deposit Protection

Legally required

We partner with TDS (TDS Custodial Ltd) to offer deposit protection for our tenancies. We've made it very simple to receive a deposit, register it, then pay the money to TDS to protect it throughout the tenancy.

For more information on tenancy management please see our Managing a Tenancy guide.

How much does it all cost?

Propa has a simple subscription pricing model to make sure we can continue providing our services all while offering the best value for money. We maintain a standard flat fee per property for access to our property management service.

The Free Trial

Your first property and tenancy is free

This should give you a good understanding of whether Propa works for you and your business. This trial is in no way limited in comparison to the subscription plan. To add another tenancy to that property you will need a subscription.

Property Management Subscription


At the end of each billing month your subscription amount will adjust to the number of properties in your account. Your billing date will always be the day of the month you first setup your subscription on.

Cancellation and Failed Payments

We reserve the right to limit your access to our services if payments for our Property Management Subscription are not made successfully. If you decide to cancel you will retain access to our services until the last billing month ends.

Detailed pricing for Propa can be found here

If you have any queries whatsoever our team will be happy to help at:

The Propa Team 🏡❤️

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