Charges Included in the Rent

July 4, 2022

As a landlord you have the option to include additional charges in the rent of the property. This means, you will manage the payment of services like council tax, water, energy etc... and this cost will be included in the total rent. This is an attractive offering for tenants looking to rent a property without the hassle of setting up accounts for the property. You will also be safe in the knowledge these payments are being made and debt is not being built up against the property, in the event a tenant fails to pay a utility charge. 

An example

If you are going to include utilities in the rent you must account for this in the total rent of the property. To change how much it costs to rent your property go to Property > Settings > Rent per month

For instance if the total rent is £2,100/month and your charges total £214.50/month, you need to change the total rent to £2,314.50/month.

The tenancy agreement

Adding charges to the rent of a property needs to be stated in the tenancy agreement. This is why we add them here, so every new tenancy you create will be pre appended with the usual charges for utilities. If there are changes to the cost of these payments just update the total rent amount of the property.

Adding charges to the rent is easy in Propa, see how:

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