Adding Clauses

July 1, 2022

Adding an additional clause to your tenancy agreement clarifies specific obligations the tenant is required to agree to when the tenancy agreement is digitally signed. They are a really useful way of explicitly outlining what can or can't be done in a tenancy. For example if you require an additional clause for your break agreement or you just don't want pets in the property this is where you're able to get the tenant to agree to your custom clause.


In some cases this can cause an agreement to be withdrawn as the tenant might not expect or agree to these custom clauses. Our standard agreement will cover you for most eventualities so adding your own custom clauses is not mandatory.


To add a custom clause to your tenancy agreement, follow the steps below:


Get started

Tap the β€˜Add Clause’ button to start the process of adding a clause.

The clause

It's really important the clause is objective, so please be explicit otherwise the agreement could be withdrawn and cause delays in getting your property occupied. Some examples are:


β€˜Pets are not allowed within the property during the tenancy.’


β€˜A cleaner will be in once every month to maintain the upkeep and general tidiness of the property.’


β€˜The cost of purchasing a new entry device is Β£63.’


β€˜A gardener will visit the property once a month to maintain the upkeep of the garden.’



Save the clause

When you next create a tenancy these custom clauses will be added to the custom clauses section of your tenancy agreement for the whole tenancy group to see when it comes to digitally signing the document.


Changing or updating a clause

If you need to change or update the clause tap on it and either delete it or change the wording. This can be useful if a tenant does not agree with one of the custom clauses set out in your tenancy agreement.

Withdrawn agreement

If for some reason a tenant doesn't agree with a custom clause in your tenancy agreement, you will need to generate a new agreement. For this please contact support using the email below.

If you have any queries whatsoever our team will be happy to help at:

The Propa Team 🏑❀️

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